The Company

Ethiopian Steel Profiling and Building Plc. (ESPBC) was established in 2003 (European Calendar) by a Dutch foundation called World Wide Employment in order to provide job opportunities and to stimulate the local economy. It started with the production of hydraform blocks and prepainted corrugated sheet. Later cold formed profiles were added for a wide range of industries. Among all other applications of the cold formed profiles, they fit perfectly with the hydraform blocks in such a way that ESPBC is able to supply all building materials which are necessary for a building up to G+1.

In 2010, ESPBC invested in a slitting line which is able to slit steel coils into small steel strips or to make any size flat sheet in full automatic mode. Throughout the years the workshop has been extended by many advanced machines in order to reach the customers need for high quality products. Two years later an investment in an 'EGA line' was made, in order to meet the demand for EGA sheets. Now the company is fully utilized to produce a wide variety of roofing sheets as per the customers need.

By today, many profiles, blocks and special products find their way to the customer all over the country.

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